Gilmore Guys

5:18 am Videos

If you’ve never seen Gilmore Girls, you might not get this. Like, definitely not at all.

Gilmore Guys from LaughingNearYou on Vimeo.

9 Responses

  1. Aimzface Says:

    If you guys ever tell ANYONE I laughed REALLY hard at that I will kill you.
    Question though- who got to be the hot daughter?
    Just curious.
    I love this!!!

  2. Slater the Website Critic Says:

    I just love watching Motney eat peanut butter bread…other than that, boo.

  3. jessi Says:

    love your shirt John… I dont know motney but he made me laugh, so he is cool

  4. Amy Says:

    my favorite part is when motney picks up baker…lmao guys, i love the new website! :)

  5. Julie Says:

    oh iMovie productions *sigh*

  6. staats Says:

    I’m pretty sure watching one episode of gilmore guys wrapped every episode of gilmore girls i ever watched…. allegedly watched

  7. Gibson Says:

    that cracked my shit up

  8. ASHLEEfoyd Says:

    LOL <33

  9. ??? ?? Says:

    ????? ????? ???? ?????
    ??? ??

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