We are gonna be so rich

2:53 am Baker

Soooooooo rich

That’s right, that’s the first cent that we’ve made from this website. Damn, at this rate, we’ll break even in… I don’t know 3 years of something, but that’s not important. I’m not that good at math anyway

The point is, thanks to you guys visiting our site, and Google providing us with ads, we’re gonna be rich.

Now to go print this off and have it framed. We can hang it in the living room. My mom is going to be so proud.

Good news Mom, thanks to this site, you won’t have to give me money for food or gas anymore soon. Just kidding. Don’t ever stop that. Seriously, I’m your firstborn.

2 Responses

  1. Motney Says:

    Well since we’ve finally made it big I’m gonna take my 1/3 and start my own website. My manager told me you’re only bringing me down. It was fun while it lasted.


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